Convert Eagle Files To Gerber

August 25, 2017 - PCB Design
Convert Eagle Files To Gerber

Eagle – How to generate Gerber files

You have just finished designing your PCB in Eagle, but the manufacturer does not accept .brd files. Don’t worry, by following the guide below, you will be able to easily generate gerber files from your Eagle design, making it compatible with the manufacturer.

1.Open your board in Eagle and make sure that .brb and .sch are the only files in your folder.

2. Click on the CAM Processor.


3.Download the bellow zip file and decompress it.

The file created by mikeferguson (github)

4. Click on FIle->Open->Job and open the .cam file

5. Now click on Process Job

6. Done! If you navigate to the folder where .brb and .sch files are located you will see this.

7. Put your folder into a zip file and upload it to the manufacturer

Rendered by OSHPark


Please make sure to check if a .GKO file is created. This file contains the board outline and is necessary for the process of generating the gerber files. If the file is not present in your design, you can use the GerbV tool to generate it by following this guide:

 GerbV: Create a Board Outline

An alternative that I like to use to create board outlines is the “PCB PANELIZER & GERBER TOOL SUITE” that I will discuss about in a later post