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Octoprint Controller Case – 3D Printer
In this post you will find all the material and instructions necessary to build your own 3d printer octroprint controller case. This case will allow you to take full advantage of octoprint and raspberry pi with the [...]
esp12 gpio pinout and reference pins
ESP12-E Directly Usable GPIO Pins
Quick reference guide for the esp12-e GPIO pins Bellow you will find the pins that can be used directly and are not set to “HIGH” by default. [...]
Panelize PCB Boards – Gerber
Panelize PCB Boards – Gerber
In another post I gave instructions on how to generate Gerber files in Eagle. This time I will explain how these Gerber files can be panelized on a single PCB board for manufacturing. So [...]
Attiny85 LCD with I2C working
Attiny85 LCD with I2C
How to Add an LCD with I2C to Your Attiny85 I will start by saying that this project was result of many days of trial and error. In general it is easy to connect an I2C adapter to an LCD and drive it with a [...]
Convert Eagle Files To Gerber
Convert Eagle Files To Gerber
Eagle – How to generate Gerber files   You just finished with your PCB design in Eagle but the manufacturer does not accept .brb files. Follow the guide bellow and you will be able to [...]
AdBlock with Pi-hole for C.H.I.P
How to AdBlock your entire network How about an AdBlock service running 24/7 in your house without interruption and as low as 12$? Sounds awesome right? [...]